Welcome back! Spring 2016

Dear Honors Students,

Welcome back!  I trust that you all had a relaxing and renewing winter break.  We have a number of exciting opportunities coming up this semester, so I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the most significant.

Brainchild: Kent State’s Honors College produces an annual journal for undergraduate work called ‘Brainchild.’  This is an excellent opportunity for honors students interested in a career in writing to get published early in their career.

If you have any work that you think has potential, contact Charlie Malone. He can help you with revisions and submission to the journal.

Relatedly, Charlie is working to start Open Words an honors community for creative writers. The groups’ first meeting will be January 22nd at 4pm in the Honors Conference room.

MEHA / NCHC: The Honors Program at Ferris is a member of both our national organization, the National Collegiate Honors Conference (NCHC) and its regional affiliate, the Mid-East Honors Association (MEHA).  Both of these organizations hold annual conferences where Honors students present their work in the form of posters or presentations. Both deadlines are quickly approaching.

If you have a project that you want to present, please get in touch with Charlie as soon as possible. This is an excellent way to share your hard work from an Honors Contract or Senior Symposium to a larger audience.

Diversity Task Force: a handful of second and third year Honors students met in the closing weeks of fall to embark on a study of minority populations in Honors, and how our recruiting practices may or may not differentially impact those students. The goal of the study is to identify any messaging or practice responsible for distinctly different patterns of engagement with the recruiting process by different communities.

The results will be presented at the Supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Honors Education conference at Oakland University in March.  If you have any ideas to contribute, please get in touch with me, Jordan Dawkins or Caitlyn Toering.

Gifted Hire: We are happy to announce that Honors students will now be able to access the job and internship site, GiftedHire, for free. GiftedHire is a direct connection between you and potential employers. Experts at GiftedHire match you with employers based on your interests and preferences, so you have the perfect match every time. Not only does GiftedHire allow you to connect with employers, but they also offer customized advice and a library of helpful content to help make your profile stand out.

In order to sign up and create a profile, students will need to use a promo code. Please call or email the office to get the code. This site is an important and free resource for all honors students, but it will only work if the employers find the pool of students hey have been promised. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to effectively find and apply for entry level jobs and internships.

Finally, once again, we will be holding open meetings for all students, by year in the program, to explain the requirements for this year and answer any questions you may have.  The schedule is:

      • Tues, 1/12 in BUS202 New students for Spring 2015 and transfers.
      • Thurs 1/14 in SCI102: Seniors and all students completing the symposium this semester.
      • Tues 1/19 in SCI102: First Year students (started college in Fall 2015). Attend one or the other.
      • Thurs 1/21 in SCI102: First Year students (started college in Fall 2015). Attend one or the other.
      • Tues 1/26 in SCI120: Second year students (anticipated completion spring 2018).
      • Thurs 1/28 in SCI102: Third year students (anticipated completion spring 2017).

You need to attend only one of these–which ever best fits your progress in the program.

If you are planning on completing your undergraduate degree in your first year at either MCO or the COP (I.e. Earning a Bachelors of Vision Science or Pharmacy), you are strongly encouraged to complete the Honors program prior to entering graduate or professional school. In these cases, please attend the meeting for ‘Seniors’ on Jan 14th rather than the meeting for third years on Jan 28th.

This schedule will be available on the blog at ferrishonors.com.

Thank you for your time, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns about the program, contact me or Charlie, the Honors office, or members of the Honors Student Council.

Dr. Peter Bradley