Cultural Event: Production of “Grace” in Grand Rapids

The Honors Program will be taking 18 students to Grand Rapids in the Spring to see Grace by Mick Gordon and A.C. Grayling. The play runs from January 28-30 and February 4-6, 2016 through Actors’ Theatre at Spectrum Theatre starting at 8pm each night. Below is a short description of the play.

"Grace." Courtesy of Actors' Theatre Grand Rapids

“Grace.” Courtesy of Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids

“Grace Friedman, professor of Philosophy and outspoken atheist, is participation in a “God Helmet” experiment attempting to disprove ‘god.’ Meanwhile, her son is becoming a priest with Grace’s Jewish husband backing him up. When an incident challenges their incompatible ideologies, they must wisely choose their next step. “Grace” is a powerful look at inter-faith relationships within families and the global community.”

If you are interested in reserving a free ticket for this production, please send an email to Allegra Damari at with your name, email address, and which date would work best for you (Saturday, January 30th; Friday, February 5th; or Saturday, February 6th).