Data Analytics Association Logo Design Contest

On behalf of the Data Analytics Association, you are invites to participate in a logo creation contest for the RSO. The Data Analytics Association, or DAA, is a new RSO on campus that works with students’ curiosity as to what the terms “Big Data” and “Analytics” mean. The RSO helps students learn more about the exponential growth of data, why it matters, and help shine a light on what “data analytics” is, why it’s important, and the various industries that are adopting the practice.

Since the group is new on campus, and not necessarily design oriented, they though that it would be fun to have a contest for students to create their logo. Anyone can participate and the winner will win a $30 gift card to a place of their choosing. If you wish to participate, please submit completed logos to by February 17th in a picture format (preferably JPEG). See more details below:

Name: Data Analytics Association

Acronym: DAA

Preferred Color (but not limited to): Blue

Key Terms/Brainstorming Points: big data, data analytics, data, analysis, statistics, database, information, data mining, coding, software

Submission: Submit completed/final form logos to with your name and contact information, in a picture format (preferably JPEG)

Deadline: February 17th at 5pm

Prize: 1st place gets $30 gift card to a place of your choosing, plus you get to showcase competing in a graphic design competition on your resume and in your portfolio!