Call for Undergraduate Research Journal Submissions

UReCA, the NCHC Web Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, is seeking submissions from undergraduate honors students. UReCA is currently soliciting the following types of undergraduate honor work:

  • Science Research
  • Social Science Research
  • Technical Research
  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Essays
  • Memoirs
  • Photo Essays
  • Videos
  • Musical Scores
  • Musical Performances

Works submitted may be works produces for classes or works produced outside of a classroom environment. Thesis projects are welcome, but must be abbreviated to a maximum of 15 pages, double-spaced. Other works should also be a maximum of 15 pages double-spaced.

Authors may submit one work at a time. Please wait for a decision on your submission before submitting a subsequent work. All submissions are processed through and are subject to a double-blind review process. The review process will be completed by a team of honors students from across the country, so this will be a true peer review process. Do not include your name or college affiliation or other identifying information within your work. An exception is for visual/audio works that incorporate identifyinf information as part of the work. Within the Bio field on the submission form, please include personal information including any other previous publications.

Images that accompany the text or images for photo essays should be of sufficient quality to display online at the size desired. A minimum of 72 dpi is acceptable. In regard to style of presentation, refer to the preferred style in your field. For works in the humanities, MLA style is preferred. For works of science and technology, APA style is preferred. Decisions to accept may be accompanied by a request for revisions before a final decision is made.

Submissions accepted and published on the Web site will remain online for 120 days. There are three tiers of Web presentation, and the work may be moved from a higher tier to a lower tier before retiring from the site. Once retired from the site, the work will be archived and remain available to the general public. As such, UReCA acquires first World electronic rights, but the copyright remains with the creator. All print rights remain with the author, but mention of UReCA as the first publisher is requested if published in print. Video and audio will remain available for re-posting after initial and subsequent retirement from the site. All videos will be uploaded to the UReCA Youtube channel and will be displayed on the UReCA site as an embedded Youtube video. Audio files will be archived at UReCA’s production site at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

For more information, the permanent Web site is found at Temporarily, though, the Web site is found at