Joining Student Government

The FSU Student Government Association is looking for RSO leaders who would be interested in representing their organization in the general assembly. The goal of the assembly is the seek out and respond to what students would like to see changed here on campus and within the greater Big Rapids community. Student Government is responsible for influencing and creating policies for groups such as The Finance Division and its voting members, University strategic planning, The Big Event, and additional networking opportunities available through membership. Having a representative from different student organizations will allow you to have a say as well. This is a great experience and can really benefit your organization.

If you, or a member within your RSO, are interested in getting involved in Student Government their meetings are on Tuesdays at 6:30pm in UC 202. If your RSO does not currently have a member representing your RSO in the general assembly, SGA strongly encouraged you send one. If you already have a representative, it is also possible to represent your College as a senator. Thus giving your RSO/College an even bigger voice in Student Government.

For more information or to set up a short 5-10 minute presentation to your organization about Student Government, please contact Jacob Law at