Cultural Event: Passion for the Past: Visual History Project

Individual faculty from the History Area will informally share with a general audience of students a project or topic that they are passionate about. Whether it’s sharing a recent research project or an issue that relates to current events, or simply talking about a topic that does not fit into the courses they regularly teach, these historians want others to see that fascinating insights that can b uncovered by studying the past. These historians want others to know that studying the past is not about memorizing names and dates. A passion for the past is grounded in voth the discovery of the existence of a mystery and uncovering the clues that will unlock a mystery.

By coming to these talks, non-historians can gain an understanding of diverse approaches and perspectives within the discipline of history. You will discover that history is more fun and challenging than whatever experience you had in high school. And if nothing else you can enjoy an entertaining session with a faculty member you may be considering taking a class with in the future. To ensure that the setting remains relaxed and informal, the History Area will provide attendees with pizza and soda.

The next Passion for the Past event will be held Monday, April 4th from 6:30 to 8:00pm in UC 202A. The presentation is entitled “Visual History Project” and is hosted by professor Barry Mehler. For more information, please contact Kimn Carlton-Smith at 616-780-4645.