Money Smart Week

Ferris State University has partnered with Money Smart Week (a national celebration for college students) to offer a series of events designed to help you learn to manage your finances now and in the future. Seven $250 scholarships will be given away during Money Smart Week! That’s a total of $1750 in Ferris scholarship opportunities plus an entry into a state-wide $1000 scholarship fro GeoCache participants! The more events you attend – the greater your odds of winning! Below is information about each event.

April 25th – April 30th : Geochache for College Cash!

Here’s how to play…There will be seven posters on display in public areas of University Center. Just read about the topics on each poster, scan the QR code at the bottom, or take the URLs to any computer; answer the quiz question by April 30th to be considered for $1250 in scholarship opportunities! The seven topics are:

  • Paychecks – What they Tell You
  • Budgeting for Success
  • Debit or Credit – What’s the Difference
  • Credit Scores – Is Yours an A+?
  • Car Loans – Have a Costly Lemon or Were You Lucky?
  • College Loans – Can you Repay on Time?
  • Identity Theft – What are the Odds you are a Victim?

Monday, April 25th at 11am or 7pm UC 203: Twelve Money Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make 

Presented by Trent Graham of GreenPath Debt Solutions. Whether you are an experienced money manager or just starting out, this workshop will help you along with proven tips and tools to deal with the common mistakes that can cost people hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Monday, April 25th from 1-4pm: Personal Financial Counseling 

Free 15 minute personal financial counseling session available. Trent Graham is offering free counseling to students, faculty, and staff. If interested, register through the Money Smart Week page.

Tuesday, April 26th at 11am or 7pm im UC 209: Car Buying 101

Presented by Blain Adams of Gray Trimarco Automotive. Should you buy new or used? Should you purchase or lease? Learn the Tips and Tricks of the car buying industry that can help guide you through these stressful decisions.

Wednesday, April 27th from 10am to 2pm in UC 202: Get Real!

This FUN interactive event is like a giant game of LIFE. Ninety-six percent of Ferris students who attended last year said they would recommend it to their friends. Don’t miss out on the fun! To check out the highlights from last year or to register, click here.

Thursday, April 28th from 11am to 7pm in UC 203: Retirement by Design 

Presented by Kyle Hondorp of Edward Jones Investments. Are pension plans a thing of the past? What are IRA’s? Highlights changes in retirement planning and the responsibility of the retiree.

For more information or to sign-up in advance, please visit the Money Smart Week website or contact