Thank you Charlie!

The Honors community has learned today that Charlie Malone, our trusted Advisor, is departing for a similar position at his Alma Mater, Kent State.  During the past three years, Charlie has helped Honors students in every discipline on campus, and more often than once has been the sole consistent voice as students changed their majors or programs.

Aside from his amazing talent at advising, he has been a trusted partner for me, as we have worked together to push the Program in new and exciting directions.  We will all certainly miss him.

But we also want to take a moment to wish him well on his new path—some of us had the opportunity to visit Kent State last Spring, and we know that the opportunities available there are legion. AND, since Kent State is in MEHA, we can be assured of seeing him at least once a year!

The Honors Program will start conducting interviews for the new Honors advisor in July. Please let the office know if you want to serve on the search committee this summer, or could be available for interview session in July.  Our applicant review process is very rigorous, but it needs input from students if it is to succeed. Please consider helping out in whatever way you are able.

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