Honors Program at Ferris State University

Cultural Event: FSU Fine Art Gallery Exhibition “Explore”

Cultural Event Banner. Courtesy of images created by Ferris Honors Program's Charlie Malone.

The FSU Fine Art Gallery will be holding an exhibition entitled “Spreading Light & Joy” by David Zinn from September 1-28th. David Zinn is an artist from Ann Arbor with a degree in Creative Writing and English Language from the Residential College of the University of Michigan who has been creating original works of art since 1987. Some of his pieces have included theatrical posters, bar coasters, business logos, educational cartoons, restaurant placemats, landfill murals, environmental superheros, cake icing, corporate allegories, snow, and hand-painted dump trucks.

David Zinn’s Street Art. Courtesy of Ferris State University’s Fine Art Gallery. http://www.ferris.edu/htmls/othersrv/art_gallery/upcoming.htm

David also started creating street art using chalk, charcoal and found objects in 2001. Most of these pieces appear on sidewalks around Ann Arbor and various other location in Michigan as well as Manhattan and the Sonoran Desert. His most popular characters are Sluggo, “a bright green monster with stalk eyes and irreverent habits,” and Philomena, “a phlegmatic flying pig.”

David will be on campus and in the Big Rapids community during Homecoming Week spreading light and joy. His work will be on display at the FSU Fine Art Gallery and available for purchase downtown at ArtWorks.

For more information, please visit FSU Fine Art Gallery’s Website or David Zinn’s Website.