Honors Program at Ferris State University

Work-study positions in Honors! Ambassador Leader and Graphic Design Specialists

The Honors Program is looking for 3 work-study students to help with the tasks of recruiting and marketing this spring, including helping to organize the Invitational. These positions are work-study only!

Honors Ambassador Leader acts as the coordinator of the Honors Ambassadors.  They will be responsible for organizing and tracking the actions of the Honors Ambassadors including initial contact of prospective honors students and ensuring they are guided through the application process. Ambassador leaders will also organize and supervise volunteers during the Honors Invitational. Applicants must be able to effectively communicate the values of the Honors Program as well as Ferris State University. Skills important to this position are communication, being able to work independently, and enthusiasm for the mission of Honors.

Honors Program Graphic Design Specialist will design and produce promotion materials for use on-campus as well as on-line. This position requires students to produce signs, graphic images, and other related materials. Applicants must have photo editing, page layout, and illustration software skills, be proficient on computers, and also be reliable and production-oriented. A keen understanding of copyright and creative-commons licensing is required. A sample of work will be requested.

We’re looking for individuals committed to the Honors program who have a good understanding of its mission and values.  The job postings will be available on the Student Employment website shortly: http://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/admision/financialaid/employment/ . Contact Dr. Bradley with any questions.