Cultural Events: Mindful Self-Compassion Series

George Nagel will be hosting a series of mindfulness sessions throughout this semester. Built on the foundation of mindfulness, you will learn how to apply specific self-compassion principles and practices throughout each day of our personal and professional lives. You will develop a calm mind and an attitude of kindness towards ourselves and others.

Each session starts with mindful self-compassion before delving into the topic of the day. While specific mindfulness practices have been selected, each session will also be built upon the interests and needs of those present for the session. You will apply mindfulness and self-compassion to workplace and relationship issues raised by those in attendance. Sessions will be held Wednesdays from 12:05 to 12:40pm in FLITE 438. Below are the sessions available this semester.

  • September 21 – Mindfulness Practice: Intention, Attitude, and Attention
  • September 28 – Self-Compassion Practice: Acknowledgement, Release, and Kindness
  • October 5 – Acknowledgement: Witnessing my Experience of Thoughts, Feelings, and Body
  • October 12 – Release: Observing and Letting Go of Judging my Thoughts, Feelings, and Body
  • October 26 – Practicing Self-Compassion Styles
  • November 2 – Practicing Self-Compassion Styles
  • November 9 – Practicing Self-Compassion Styles

Drop in for whatever sessions meet your interest or schedule and join them for a time of calm and kindness. Learn how to be kind to yourself. For more information, please contact Laurie Daniels at 231-591-3826 or via email at