What is an Honors Advisor?

First-year students may be confused about what I do as the honors advisor since that position was vacant this fall before I got hired.

The honors advisor advises students on honors program requirements. I help them when they have questions or problems. I also inform them about great opportunities like honors semesters (honors coursework taken off campus) and nationally competitive scholarships like the Rhodes scholarship. I supplement the advising students get from their regular academic advisor.

I also work with students, faculty, and staff to plan cultural events and service opportunities. Let me know if you have any ideas! I am the faculty advisor of the Honors Programming Board and the Honors Peer Mentor Program as well.

Finally, I’m here to talk with you about anything that interests you. Come by and chat with me just for fun sometime! You can drop in or make an appointment with me by emailing me at CatherineBordeau@ferris.edu.