Honors Scholarships Applications Now Open

Applications for the Edwin Harris Memorial Scholarship and the Maude Bigford Honors Program Annual Scholarship are now open. A description of each scholarship, it’s requirements and the link to apply are listed below. The application deadline is Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Edwin Harris Memorial Honor’s Program Endowed

Applicants for this scholarship must be in the Ferris Honors Program of the University College at Ferris State University. The scholarship shall recognize academic excellence, appreciation for and utilization of technology in the learning process and potential for success in the student’s chosen field.

Maude Bigford Honors Program Annual Scholarship

Applicants shall be full-time undergraduate students of sophomore, junior or senior standing majoring in any program at Ferris State University. Recipient shall have a minimum 3.25 GPA at time of application. Special consideration shall be given for students who have demonstrated leadership and service to the community or the University. Preference shall be given to eligible students who demonstrate financial need determined by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. 
To apply, sign into your MyFSU. Under the “Student Section,” click “Financial Aid” and under the “Scholarships” section of this page click on “My Scholarships – The Ferris scholar search database.” You will use your MyFSU username and password to log onto the database. Once you are logged on it will ask you to fill out a short application (general information about yourself). Once you have filled out the general application you can either search for either of the two scholarships listed above or, if you are an Honors Student in good standing, you should be able to click “Opportunities” and “Recommended” to receive a list of scholarships you qualify for. 

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