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Fulbright UK Summer Institute Programmes

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Applications are now open for the UK Summer Institute Award Programmes for US Undergraduates. The program offers students a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in the study of British academics and culture. Students will take part in research, collaboration, presentation, and cultural events at an esteemed British university. You will enhance your leadership skills, develop knowledge and understanding of new subjects, and become ambassadors for the United Kingdom and the United States.

Students from all areas of study are encouraged to apply. Each Summer Institute will cover a different theme such as acting at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the history of the slave trade in England, or the political, social, and economic relationships of Northern Ireland. These institutes include: AIFS Summer Institute at Shakespeare’s Globe , Durham University Summer Institute, University of Bristol Summer Institute, University of Exeter Summer Institute, (SOAS) University of London Summer Institute, University of Sussex Summer Institute, University of Westminster Summer Institute, Queen’s University Belfast, Scotland Summer Institute: Identity, Society, and the New Enlightenment, and Scotland Summer Institute: Technology, Innovation, and Creativity. 

Fulbrighters in Bristol, England. Courtesy of marketing materials for UK Fulbright Summer Institutes.

To meet the minimum eligibility, applicants must:

The Awards will cover the majority of all costs incurred, including flights to and from the UK, university fees, and room and board at the host UK university.

Deadlines for 2017 are: 23 February or 26 February, 2017 – depending on the Institute. Each Programme also varies in duration, from three to six weeks. Please make sure to check the specific Institutes page for particular deadlines. Application instructions have also been place on the UK Summer Institute webpage for student reference. We recommend you read all of the information on the website before beginning an application as it may answer many initial questions.

For more information or specific questions please contact the Fulbright Awards staff via .