Cultural Event: Subarctic Environment and Photography of Isle Royale

The Festival of the Arts will be hosting an exhibit entitled “Subarctic Environment and Photography of Isle Royale” in Granger Center Room 120 on Monday, January 30th at 7:00pm. This photography exhibit features images from Michigan’s Isle Royale by Marilyn Kiegley. The subarctic beauty and charm of one of the “least visited” and “most revisited” National Parks will be explored through photography and lecture. The unique environment of this Michigan treasure includes ancient geology and boreal landscapes that reveal a different side of Michigan. Loons frequent the lake and bays of Isle Royale and are heard daily. Moose (over 1,300), wolves (in jeopardy), foxes, snowshoe hares, lighthouses, 270 lakes and ponds, rivers, bogs, orchids and rare flowers, birds, and more are seen by both rustic campers and lodge guests.

For more information, please visit The Festival of the Arts website