Cultural Event: BRHS Theatrical Arts Winter One Acts

As part of the Big Rapids Festival of the Arts, advanced theatre students will perform two student-directed one-acts, both plays being entertaining stories as well as containing important messages. The performances will take place on Friday, February 3rd at 7:30pm at Big Rapids High School Auditorium. Below are descriptions of the plays.

Gossip by Brian Hampton

This one act packs a powerful punch as it brings Gossip to life and gives its infectious spread a visible presence onstage. A group of high school theater students befriends a charming yet sinister new student named Gossip. She immediately makes herself right at home as she secretly manipulates and twits the truth to get what she wants. But as her new friends begin to figure it all out, they turn on her as ruthlessly as she went after them, leading to a surprisingly twisted ending.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by Cheryl Hadley

Kind, level-headed Widgina always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everywhere she goes, things go terribly wrong and people end up mistaking her for a witch! As she narrates her story and classic fairy tale characters come and go, can Widgina finally get the happily ever after she deserves?

This is a free performance, though donations are greatly appreciated. For more information, please visit the Festival of the Arts webpage

Source: FOTA website Provided by: the Big Rapids Festival of the Arts

Source: FOTA website
Provided by: the Big Rapids Festival of the Arts