Cultural Event: Social Media Guru

Professional Greek Council, American Marketing Association, and the CLACS Career Center have teamed up to education the students of Ferris State University with the 5-Star Event “Social Media Guru: How Social Media CAN Get You the Job” on Thursday, February 23rd at 6:00pm in Williams Auditorium. Did you know 93% of job recruiters said they were likely to look at the social media profiles of applicants? According to Jobvite, social media plays a large role in the hiring process. The inspiration for this event came from the small number of students on campus networking with employers using online platforms. In this technology age, most networking happens online. In addition, we have heard countless stories of students losing or not getting the job because of their social media. Employers are looking at social media pages and students should know how to take advantage of this! Having a developed LinkedIn profile and an outstanding Facebook page can turn the tables in students’ favor. Instead of students posting pictures of the party they were at last weekend, they should post about the community service they did earlier in the day or the academic award they received from their faculty.

Luke Wyckoff will be presenting. He is a keynote speaker, motivator, and entrepreneur. Mr. Wycoff is also an alumnus of Ferris State University and the owner of “Social Media Energy” located in Colorado. During the event, he will be discussing the importance of using social media to your advantage by playing “offensively” on social media to land your dream job! This event is free to everyone and applicable to all students of ALL majors as the main goal of college is to get a job.

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