2017 Honors Art Show

The Tenth Annual Honors Art Show has been moved to it’s final location in Henderson Hall’s Upper Lobby.  The Honors art pieces will be displayed here until the end of the Art Show on March 2nd. Students will be able to view and vote on their favorite throughout this time frame on the Honors Blog, Honors Facebook page, or at the GoogleForm link. 

Below are the artist statements for each piece.


This piece was oil painted by a freshman Diagnostic Medical Sonography Honors student. Their artist’s statement is as follows: “Simply put, this painting depicts an arm in water. To be blunt, this piece can be happy or sad, depending on which side it is presented on. At most, those who have seen this piece have seen a new aspect from which side it was turned on to. There are two main aspects people tend to see most. On one side, it’s the hand of someone getting rid of some of their darker parts, another side it would seem the hand is fading away, falling towards a deeper part of the waters; it’s just a flame slowly burning out. This painting represents all of the above for me. In short, many feelings, thoughts, and situations can go two ways, if not more. They can either bring you up and help you, or they can bring you down and worsen things; there’s always another side to look at.”


This piece was created using acrylic paint by a freshman Diagnostic Medical Sonography Honors student. Their artist’s statement is as follows: “Because this painting is abstract, some only see abstract circles on top of a light colored background, whereas others have seen a blue bubble about to pop. When I look at this painting, I get feelings of peace and happiness; it reminds me of space, except how I see and feel about it. To some, space is cold, desolate wasteland, vast and devoid of life. In the right mood, I may have painted this with a dark, lonely background. But I was feeling happy, and the emotion is the main difference between what I painting and what I could have painted. Space and the sun’s light envelop Earth and the other planets, and there’s so much potential for learning from space and the things in it that it doesn’t have to be some black abyss.”

(Natural) Disaster

This piece was oil painted by a senior Biology – Pre Medicine Honors student. Their artist’s statement is as follows: “I am from Pinckney, MI, which is where I always had a particular admiration for art. My piece was inspired by the interaction of humans and their environment as well as a type of metaphor of the earth naturally erupting versus a person naturally erupting. It is based upon photographs and was more of a practice to refine my oil painting skills and attempt new techniques.”

Bluebirds in the Spring

This watercolor piece was created by a senior Biotechnology Honors student. Their artist’s statement is as follows: “Groundhog Day is about more than the changing seasons – it signals the passage of time. One may endure hardship alone for what feels like an eternity, but when it relents, those who made it through together will have a special bond. As winter gives way and spring marches on, these fledgling relationships mature and take flight.”

Groundhog’s Day: Coming to a Theater Near You

This is a colored pencil drawing by a senior Criminal Justice/Forensics Honors student. Their artist’s statement is as follows: “I decided to create a movie poster, incorporating the Groundhog’s Day theme. I went with replicating the Godzilla movie posters, with the city skyline and a large monster in the background. I sketched out my basic design onto the paper, then freehanded everything with colored pencils.”

For more information about the Art Show, please contact Allegra Damari at . 





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