Honors Funded Domestic Travel: NAMM in California

A few of our Honors students attending a conference in California earlier this semester called NAMM. This is a music industry management conference that takes place annually. This year, honors students Bianca Broniec and Daniel Amrhein both attended the conference with some help from Honors Funded travel. Below is a statement about her experience from Bianca as well as photographs from both Bianca and Daniel.

“NAMM was an amazing opportunity for me to spend a week dedicated to my career, which is sometimes hard to do while in school. Having the chance to learn from people with different backgrounds who have worked in the industry for years is something I greatly appreciate. NAMM teaches students how to network, and talk to anyone and everyone possible. I had the opportunity to attend a handful of sessions that inspired me, and solidified my love and passion for this industry. It’s an incredible source of professional development and inspiration for me. Coming back to school for NAMM is always a lot brighter, because it reiterates the fact that I need to continue to work hard to achieve my dreams.”

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