Volunteer Opportunity: Grand Rapids Opera

The Opera Grand Rapids is currently looking for volunteers to assist with the following for the current season.

GR Opera Logo. Courtesy of the Volunteer Center at Ferris State University.

GR Opera Logo. Courtesy of the Volunteer Center at Ferris State University.

Ushers and Greeters

Ushers respresent Opera Grand Rapids by greeting patrons and helping them to their seats at opera performance. They also frequently take tickets as well as handing out programs to patrons at productions. Greeters act as hosts/hostesses to Opera Grand Rapids’ patrons by opening the lobby doors for patrons and welcoming them to the performance.

  • Time Commitment: Called 1 hour before each event (typically 2-4 hours)
  • Attire: 
    • Men – Black dress shoes, black socks and black dress pants. A white shirt, a black tie, and a black jacket are required.
    • Women – Comfortable but conservative black, closed toed shoes. (No sandals, clogs, slings or open toe shoes) Black dress pants or skirt with a long sleeve all white blouse either tucked in or not hanging below jacket, and a black jacket or cardigan.
  • Perk: A complementary ticket to the performance you are working
  • Needed:
    • The Barber of Seville at DeVos Performance Hall on May 10, 12, & 13th at 7:30pm

Information Table

Share your passion and knowledge of Opera Grand Rapids with those attending our performances by working our information table. Marketing materials for the company, as well as their current season, will be available for those interested in finding out more about Opera Grand Rapids.

  • Time Commitment: see above
  • Attire: see above
  • Perk: see above
  • Needed: The Barber of Seville (see above for times and dates)

Opera Grand Rapids Street Team

OGR Street Team members are essential in promoting our productions each season! Various methods such as hanging posters and handing out cards and brochures at local businesses make an incredible impact on their outreach efforts.

  • Time Commitment: Any time during business hours (Late morning & early afternoon is best). A detailed copy of where you have distributed the marketing materials must be sent to Sarah Watson. Not sure what businesses/locations will hang posters? They have an updated list of places that accept their marketing materials.
  • Perk: A complimentary ticket to a show of your choice this season for every 10 posters/brochures or 10 stacks of cards distributed.
  • Needed: Areas to be covered – Ada, Forest Hills, East Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids, Eastown, Hastings, Holland, Rockford

Light Walkers

Have you ever found interest in the artistic elements of an opera production? Do you ever wish you could take the stage and see what it is like to be an opera performer? Well, this may be your chance! Light Walkers are needed to stand, sit, and/or walk the stage while the lighting designer experiments and adjusts the lighting for each scene.

  • Time Commitment: Shifts range from 2-4 hours. Multiple shifts are available but please commit to one shift at a time. Supers and Chorus Members are welcome to partake as well
  • Attire: Comfortable clothes and shoes since you will be moving around a lot. No flip flops. Please refrain from wearing white or extremely light colored shirts. This is because white materials can change to whatever colored light is being projected on it, making it difficult for the lighting designer to achieve the look they want.
  • Perks:
    • Learn stage directions just like a real artist
    • Meet many members of the production team, including the lighting designer, stage manager and even the director
    • View the house from the stage and see what the set is like up close
    • A complimentary ticket to the show for which you are working
  • Needed: The Barber of Seville the week of May 7th at DeVos Performance Hall

Load-In/Load-Out Team 

Each production, the production team packs up the furniture, props, costumes, and backstage necessities into rental trucks to transport them to and from the theatre. This is a great volunteer opportunity for college students who are interested in technical theatre.

  • Time Commitment: Most Load-In days begin at 8am the Sunday morning the week of the production. Load-outs begin during the closing night performance of the production (usually beginning at 8pm on a Saturday). Shifts are generally 2-4 hours.
  • Attire: Comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes. For those who will be loading/unloading the truck, moving gloves may be helpful
  • Perk: A complimentary ticket to the production you are working
  • Needed: The Barber of Seville on April 24th and April 30th at DeVos Performance Hall

Administrative Relief

Throughout the year, they have various office projects such as mailing, data entry, filing, courtesy calling, developing spreadsheets and a variety of other related duties for which your help is greatly needed. Everything will take place at The Betty Van Andel Opera Center, unless otherwise noted.

  • Time Commitment: Some tasks are on an as-needed basis; emails will be sent when assistance is needed. Specific dates for mailings are listed below. Minimum of 2 hours required for each task
  • Perk: A complimentary ticket to a show of your choice this season for every task you help with.
  • Needed: At 2pm on Thursday, May 11th

Special Events

Opera Grand Rapids has many special events throughout the year, ranging from formal fundraisers to educational and entertaining events. Volunteers are essential to the success of each event! They are needed for a variety of tasks including the check-in table, coat check, set up and tear down, silent auction, and more. The specifics about the needs, time commitment and perks differ for each event.

  • Needed: 
    • OPERAtunity
      • The Barber of Seville at St. Cecelia Music Center on May 9th at 6pm
    • Meet the Stars
      • Registration table on May 4th at 5pm in the Betty Van Andel Opera Center
    • Ballads & Brews
      • Registreation/Gift Table and greeters on June 1st at 5pm in the Goei Center

Audition Assistance

Registration volunteers represent Opera Grand Rapids by greeting those who are auditioning at the Betty Van Andel Opera Center, checking them in, and giving them directions to the warm up room upstairs. Runners keep those auditioning on time by guiding them from the warm up rooms upstairs to the Rehearsal Hall where the auditions take place. Runners will be frequently walking up and down stairs, so please take this into consideration when signing up.

  • Time Commitment: Called 1 hour before for first round auditions. Auditions will take place in shifts and you are free to work as many shifts as desired.
  • Attire: see Ushers and Greeters above
  • Perks: A complimentary ticket to a show of your choice this season, being able to see what an audition process is like, being able to listen to artists from all over who are auditioning
  • Needed: TBA

If you are interested in getting involved, please visit the Opera Grand Rapids website.

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