Lunch and Learn: Spring 2017 Honors Contracts

HonorsLogo-Flames-100pxA few Honors students who have completed Honors contracts for the Spring semester will be briefly presenting their projects at a Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, April 25th, entitled “Spring 2017 Honors Contracts.” During this Lunch and Learn, the students will take 5-7 minutes each to describe their projects, explain what they got out of the Honors Contract process and answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity for students who are presenting contracts in the Fall to see what their fellow students have been working on. Below is a list of students who will be presenting and their respective topics.

Christian Watson, Stamps in Chemistry 

Christian is a Biology-Pre-Dentistry student in the College of Arts and Sciences. For his contract, he will present on various stamps on chemistry. He will cover industrial chemistry in several nations, famous chemists who have appeared on stamps, women in chemistry and important compounds/discoveries. Finally, he will discuss the history of dyes and pigments.

Lindsey Winslow, Pigment Exploration 

Lindsey is a Biotechnology student in the College of Arts and Sciences. She will discuss the chemical properties that give dyes color and explore two specific dyes used in stamps in further detail.

Grady CebelakVickers Electrohydraulic Trainer Reconditioning/Ausillary Hybrid Charging System Project

Grady is a Heavy Equipment Service Engineering Technology student in the College of Engineering Technology. He will discuss his project of repairing an electric hydraulic training board and making an auxiliary power unit (apu) for a car.

Brandon MilbyThe Place for Political Monuments and Their Place in Our Society

Brandon is a Pre-Pharmacy student in the College of Arts and Sciences. He worked on an essay for Philosophy 350. The class is called “The Nature of Beauty” and it took place over spring break when they traveled to New York and Washington D.C. The topic of his essay is an analysis of the political and social importance of monuments given part of the trip was dedicated to studying them. The essay involves an analysis of both the importance of the monuments and memorials as well as what drives societies to continue making more.

Amoreena Most, Determining Bioavailability and Pharmcokinetics of Computationally Designed HB36.6 Following Intranasal Delivery in Mice

Amoreena is a Pre-Pharmacy student in the College of Arts and Sciences. Recent advancements in the modern field of medicine have opened up a new array of possibilities for creating proteins with specific binding sites, in an efficient time sensitive manner. Using computers to design proteins results in maximizing binding affinity to the site of interest. Researchers at the University of Washington have successfully computationally designed hemagglutinin stem-binding protein HB36.6 to provide protection from influenza infection. Their results showed successful prevention and treatment of infection both in vitro and in vivo. These findings are important for future inevitable influenza pandemics. With both low efficacy of seasonal flu vaccines and resistant strains of viruses increasing, there is a desperate need to develop new effective antivirals for both seasonal and pandemic influenza (Koday). Further refinement of the research done at the University of Washington is essential to understanding HB36.6 efficacies within humans. This includes investigating the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of HB36.6 in mic.

Jenna Steele, The Titanic Project and The Blog Project 

Jenna is an Applied Speech Communication student in the College of Arts and Sciences and she completed 2 honors contracts this semester. She decided to choose things that were relevant to her major while still including topics from her courses. She is hoping to one day go into a career where she can interview people for entertainment purposes and work with creative skits or performances. For Jenna’s PR course, she chose to make a blog based on her position as an on-ice interviewer for the Ferris Hockey team. She included different posts and videos of interviews with individuals who help run the hockey program. For her Small Group Decision Making course, Jenna made a “game” similar to how the Titanic transpired that represents how groups make decisions. She has studied the participants during the game and created a presentation.

To learn more, please join us for the Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, April 25th from 11:00am till 11:50am in Pickell’s Conference Room. As usual, pizza from Jets pizza will be provided for those who sign up beforehand. Please make sure to sign up before noon on Monday, April 24th by emailing