Italy Study Abroad Story: Caitlyn Bailey

Honors student, Caitlyn Bailey recently studied abroad in Italy. Below is a blurb about her experience as well as some of her favorite pictures from the trip. Thank you, Caitlyn, for sharing!


“I have returned from my study abroad trip to Italy and it was amazing. The experience allowed me to gain knowledge of the Italian culture first hand and learn a little bit of the language. Exploring and hiking around Capri was my favorite part of the trip. The island was beautiful and everyone we met on it was very nice and accommodating. When we had to ask for directions or learn how to do things like use their bus system, they were very helpful. I enjoyed experiencing the local cuisine and I never had a bad dish. The experience of trying to navigate and explore in a foreign country helped me build my communication skills and experience the difficulties that non native speakers can have when trying to navigate, order, and communicate with those around them. This will really help me in my future career as an administrator when working with patients that are non native speakers and trying to understand some of the difficulties they might experience while receiving treatment. Overall, it was an amazing experience! I met great people and got to see some really great places. I would advise anyone that has the opportunity to go on a study abroad trip to do it.”