Italy Study Abroad Story: Madison Osgood

Honors student, Madison Osgood, recently studied abroad in Italy. Below is a blurb about her experience as well as some of her favorite pictures from the trip. Thank you, Madison, for sharing!

“When I first heard about this study abroad opportunity I had this urge inside of me saying that I wasn’t going to get an opportunity like this again and I had to go. I listened to that feeling and it was one of the best choices I ever made. When I first signed up for this trip I was so excited and as the date got closer my excitement only grew. I have only been outside the country once but it was to Canada so this was a big step for me going across the world.

Everything I experience from being extremely touristy to exploring with the teachers and feeling like I knew the grounds was truly amazing. I still can’t believe I was walking down the streets in Italy for two weeks. We got to stay in Rome, Capri, and Florence while also getting to visit Pisa and Venice. I have to say the island of Capri was my favorite as it was a smaller place and less city like and the place that made me feel more like I was in a different country.

Every part of Italy was amazing to experience but I can definitely say I liked some places more than others. It is all about the learning experience though. I got the full experience of Italy in two weeks. Everything from the single lane brick roads, the savory gelato, the breathtaking architecture to the peddlers and crazy bus rides that are packed to the maximum.

This trip has broadened my views so much as I encountered some language barriers but not as many as I thought. It surprised me to hear so many of the Italians able to speck decent English. Even a lot of the restaurant menus had English translations in them. They try so hard to communicate with us efficiently and that just shows how much they want their tourists to feel welcomed in their country which is what I want to do throughout my education and career.”


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