Costa Rica Study Abroad Story: April Wilson

Honors student, April Wilson recently studied abroad in Costa Rica. Below is a blurb about her experience as well as some of her favorite pictures from the trip. Thank you, April, for sharing!

“The Costa Rica study abroad trip was an amazing experience. For four weeks, I lived with a host family, studied Spanish and made friends from around the world. Living in another country for four weeks was an incredible opportunity that allowed me to get a glimpse into the lives of the Costa Ricans. I really enjoyed out weekend excursions. One weekend, we visited an indigenous tribe and learned how the seeds inside of a cacao plant are transformed into the rich, creamy chocolate that we all enjoy. We also visited the beautiful, tropical beaches on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. As a psychology major with a Spanish minor, this study abroad trip helped me improve my Spanish communication skills as well as allow me to experience the unique culture and history of Costa Rica. I was able to complete two of the classes that I need for my minor and greatly improve my Spanish communication skills. Overall, I has a wonderful time and I learned so much about Spanish and Costa Rica.”