Volunteer Opportunity: SafeRide

SafeRide is sponsored by Student Affairs and provides a way for students to get home safely from a night out. This bus runs every Friday and Saturday while school is in session and required 3-4 volunteers per night to help ensure the safety of all involved. Volunteers will receive training via a video. Volunteers are expected to handle themselves in a positive manner, go into the establishment with a safety vest on and announce that SafeRide is there, help rides to the bus, assist the driver with obtaining addresses from the riders, and track the number of riders at each pick up location throughout the night to turn into CLACS (UCB 121) before noon on Monday morning.

To volunteer, please fill out the liability waiver and sign up form on Orgsync and select the date(s) that you want to volunteer. This form will need to be completed for each time you request new SafeRide Volunteer date(s) Please keep track of these dates in your calendar, as you will not received a reminder for each date. You will receive an email confirmation when we have reviewed your submission. For scheduling purposes, please sign up at least a week in advance. If your request is approved, please show up no later than 11:45PM at Cramer Circle next to DPS and load the bus. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes, as you will be getting on and off the bus frequently. You may park in the DPS lot or use DPS as a place for a friend to drop you off or pick you up. You will return to DPS on the bus just after 2:00am.

If you have any questions, please call the Center for Leadership, Activities, and Career Services at 231-591-2685 or email . 

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