Lunch and Learn: “Psychological Treatments for Depression: An Overview of Evidence Based Treatments”

Psychology Professor, Felix Smith, will be hosting a Lunch & Learn on Tuesday, November 7th entitled, “Psychological Treatments for Depression: An Overview of Evidence Based Treatments.” During his presentation, Dr. Smith will define depression and explain what treatments have been scientifically tested to work against depression. Below is a short description of his presentation:

“Depression is a very common mental health problem that touches many people. Most people know someone who has suffered from depression or is suffering from depression. The effects can be profound and far reaching and the experience of depression is often stigmatized or seen as the fault of the sufferer. Over the past twenty years there has been a strong push from within the psychological establishment and from insurance companies to show that treatments are effective.

This talk will address how psychologists define depression and will address some of the evidence based treatments for it. There will include cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, problem solving therapy, and cognitive behavioral analysis system of psychotherapy. We will discuss how to tell if a treatment is evidence based.”

To learn more about this topic and ask questions, please join us for the Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, November 7th from 11:00am till 11:50am in Pickell’s Conference Room. As usual, pizza from Jets pizza will be provided for those who sign up ahead of time. Please make sure to sign up before noon on Monday, November 6th by emailing

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