Volunteer Opportunity: Mecosta Senior Center

The Mecosta County Commission on Aging and Senior Center are in need of volunteers. All volunteer positions require registration forms and must pass a background check. Below are some of the tasks they need help with.

Senior Center logo. Courtesy of the CLACS Office at Ferris State University.

Senior Center logo. Courtesy of the CLACS Office at Ferris State University.

Kitchen Helpers:

Volunteers help with packing up meals for Meals on Wheels program. The volunteers do prep work for the salad bar, and any other food preparation needed. Volunteers put out dishes and silverware for the guests who come to the Center to enjoy lunch. They also wash tables and chairs off when lunch is done one day a month, or more. The hours range from 7:30am to 1:30pm

SOAR (Crafts and Bingo):

Volunteers will offer support and encouragement to seniors who are otherwise homebound and isolated. You could be a crafter, bingo caller, or help with championship. This is offered two days a week, Tuesdays for Crafts and Fridays for Bingo. Both start at 1pm and go through 3pm unless there is a change to the transportation schedule.

Meal Drivers: 

Volunteer meals drivers dedicate one day a week to deliver meals to seniors who are homebound. Each route takes about an hour. The meals drivers ensure the seniors receive a nutritious meal and a friendly smile. Must have own vehicle to volunteer.

For more information about these opportunities or to sign up, please contact Jo Ann Longcor at joann.longcor@mccoasc.org

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