Artworks Gallery Exhibit Cultural Event

Source: FOTA website Provided by: the Big Rapids Festival of the Arts

Source: FOTA website
Provided by: the Big Rapids Festival of the Arts

As part of the 2018 Big Rapids Festival of the Arts, Artworks will be hosting two exhibits with works by C. Joanne Grabinski entitled “Juxtaposition – Needles and Brushes” and works by Kathy Jones entitled “Freedom and Power…Abstraction.” The exhibits will be open from January 17th to March 3rd. Below are descriptions of each exhibit and information about the artists.

Juxtaposition – Needles and Brushes 

C. Joanne Grabinski is an emerging artist whose art medium is Fiber: Needlepoint. On blank needlepoint canvas, she works with an array of threads made of silk, wool, soy, synthetic, metallic, cotton, and blended fibers in stitches/stitch patterns learned from others or of her own design to create one-of-a-kind art works. She favors asymmetry, geometric shapes and vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes. She loves playing with color, texture and composition as her original designs evolve. For most of her pieces, she selects a color palette and threads, then just begins stitching somewhere on the canvas and lets the design emerge – one section at a time – as she stitches.

Freedom and Power…Abstraction

Katherine Jones is an expressive abstract oil painter, her work evolving from realistic figure drawing and painting to pure abstraction. “With my figures I always felt something else was missing. After reading a quote from Picasso when asked if he ate the fish after he painted it, he replied ‘No, I eat the fish and then I paint it.’ Then I realized that I was creating a visual representation of the figure instead of my own emotional response to the energy and spirit of the figure that attracts me. After I realized I needed to paint from my heart instead of my eyes, my figures gradually evolved into pure expression.”

For more information, please visit their exhibits at Artworks in downtown Big Rapids. They will also be speaking at a Brownbag Lunch presentation on February 16th.