Heartland Klezmorim: Festival of the Arts Cultural Event

As a part of the Festival of the Arts, the band Heartland Klezmorim will be hosting a concert on Saturday, February 3rd at 7:00pm at the Immanuel Lutheran Church. Heartland Klezmorim began their musical journey in 2006, performing old-time klezmer music. Since that time, their repertoire has expanded to performing music from the Yiddish theater, Yiddish/Klezmer swing, and jazz interpretations of klezmer music.

Diversity has been a major calling card for the ensemble. While they continue to perform at bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, Hanukkah events, and simchat torah, they’re also likely to be found at less predictable venues — as the pit band for the Little Darlins’ Vaudeville Show, performing klezmer and old-time swing music accompanying jugglers, magicians, dancers, and singers; accompanying silent films at the Capital City Film Festival; and playing klezmer music here in Mecosta County for traditional contra-dancing at the Wheatland Traditional Arts Weekend.

For more information, please visit the Festival of the Arts webpage.