Peer Mentor Information Session

Photo Courtesy of the Honors Program.

Photo Courtesy of the Honors Program.

To all those considering being a peer mentor,

Do you want to lead? Do you have a desire to help others? Are you interested in guiding a small group of freshman through their first year of college? Then being a peer mentor is right for you!

We will be hosting a Q&A session on Thursday, February 8th at 11:00am in SCI 102.

The Honors Peer Mentoring E-Board encourages all current Honors students to be a mentor for incoming students to Honors in Fall 2018! As a mentor you will be part of our team, you will encourage your freshman mentees as they embark on their first college experience. You will have the opportunity to form lasting and meaningful friendships as well as develop your leadership and communications skills.

If you have heard about what it means to be a mentor, you might not have gotten the whole scoop. We always make some changes to the program, but we don’t want you to be afraid of the change we want you to be as excited as we am. One of our main goals has been to create a better support system for our mentors and ensure that they are getting the most out of the experience.

Below is a document that better explains what it means to be a mentor.


Peer Mentors provide leadership and support in the Honors Program at Ferris. The purpose of the Honors Program is to provide intellectual challenges, resources and support to highly able and motivated students, while encouraging service and leadership for the public good. In support of this mission the Peer Mentor group exists to assist incoming Honors students and help them succeed in their first year of college while encouraging them to get more out of the Ferris experience. Additionally, the program provides meaningful leadership opportunities for returning students.


For consideration, potential mentors must possess the following qualifications:

  • Must be in Good Standing with the Honors Program
  • 1-year experience in the Honors Program
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of the relevant major and college requirements
  • Self-motivation


Peer Mentors in the Honors Program will have the following responsibilities:

  • Help students become familiar with university resources; advise and refer students to appropriate university resources as necessary
  • Meet with students weekly at first, and eventually monthly
  • Communicate accurate program information to new students
  • Participate in Fun Day
  • Participate in Day of Service or other community service activities.
  • Be available to your mentees at times you mutually agree are appropriate
  • Attend planned appropriate/selected campus events in the first semester with your mentees
  • Plan social activities, meetings, and hold purposeful discussions to help your mentees transition to campus.
  • Maintain mentee contact and provide information about the Honors program.
  • Participate in program evaluations


Being a Peer Mentor gives you opportunities to fulfill your commitment to leadership, earn service hours, and participate in an RSO that helps freshman and new transfer students succeed at Ferris.

We look forward to seeing some of you at the Q&A session! If you can not make the meeting but still want to be a mentor, please contact Sam Cavotta at

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