Stress Management Series

Rita Damari will be hosting a 6 part series on different topics related to stress management starting Tuesday, February 13th at 5:00pm. During her presentations, Mrs. Damari will discuss the importance of stress management and provides tips on how reduce stress. We would like as many students to be able to attend as possible so, if you are interested, please complete our poll below on what time of day would be best for the series.

Below is the schedule:

Date Topic Description/Questions Answered
Tuesday, February 13th Time Management Does time management reduce stress? Come discover how organizing the hours in your day result in better decision-making, and how this skill promotes more work efficiency, confidence and well-being.
Tuesday, February 27th Communication Skills Does building better communication and social skills reduce stress? Come discover how honing your listening skills helps build your social network and how both these things promote better understanding, connectedness, friendships and a strong support system.
Tuesday, March 13th Relaxation Techniques Does quieting the mind and body reduce stress? Come explore how the use of relaxation techniques affect your body and mind. Discover how taking short breaks promotes better concentration, productivity, and well-being.
Tuesday, March 27th Negative Thinking Do your thoughts affect your stress level? Come learn how to identify and avoid negative thinking; how to explore other toxic habits that may be creating stress in our lives; and how a shift in our mindset can dramatically alter our behavior and reduce stress.
Tuesday, April 10th Healthy Habits Do our eating, movement, and sleep habits create more stress in our life? Come learn how paying attention to and making subtle changes in the way we eat, move, and sleep reduce stress, boost our mood, and promote greater health and well-being.
Tuesday, April 24th Work/Life Balance Does striking a balance in your life reduce stress? Come learn how to insert play time into your busy schedule and how this skill promotes greater productivity, health, and well-being.

To learn more about the program and ask questions, please join us for one or all of the sessions you are interested in. Pizza or some sort of snack will be provided for all those who attend so please make sure to sign up before 5:00pm on the Monday before each event of the series you would like to attend by emailing