Cape Brenton Fiddling and Dancing Cultural Event

As a part of the Festival of  the Arts, Rachel Reeds will be hosting “Cape Brenton Fiddling and Dancing” on Saturday, February 10th at 7:00pm at Big Rapids First United Methodist Church.

Big Rapids native fiddle player, Rachel Reeds, joins forces with two of her closest musical pals – Katie McNally, fiddle and Neil Pearlman, piano – as she returns to her hometown with a program of music rooted in Scottish/Cape Breton traditions. In addition to playing a variety of original tunes and arrangements, the trio will talk a bit about the history and culture of the music – what the different types of tunes are, where they learned them, why they wrote them, etc. Cape Breton music is a music of Scottish emigrants to Canada that thrived and developed its own unique strain on this rural island in Nova Scotia. Rachel says,

We all first got introduced to this music because there’s a large and vibrant Cape Breton emigrant population in the Boston ares. Interestingly, we learned that Detroit was the other major center of Cape Breton emigration, and we look forward to exploring this connection further in our trip back to Michigan!

They haven’t lost touch with that fact that this music is dance music, and so in addition to their evening concert performance, they are offering a workshop teaching the type of social dancing done in Cape Breton at 3:00pm at Big Rapids First United Methodist Church.

For more information, please visit the Festival of the Arts webpage