Festival of the Arts Brown Bag Lunch Speaker Rachel Foulk

As a part of the Festival of the Arts, Artworks will be hosting a speaker series entitled “Brown Bag Lunch Series.” These events will be held at noon at Artworks. The second speaker in the series will be Rachel Foulk on Friday, February 9th with her presentation “The Art of Power: Landscape Painting in Ancient Rome.” Below is more information about what his presentation will cover.

In this illustrated lecture, Dr. Rachel Foulk will share her research on the function and meaning of landscape painting in the Roman Empire. Rome’s emperors and elite citizens commissioned frescoes with colorful views of rustic shrines, lush gardens, serene harbors, and bustling cities. Drawing on her fieldwork abroad, Professor Foulk will discuss how the Romans used these landscape paintings for political purposes as they decorated their public spaces and private homes.

For more information, please visit the Festival of the Arts webpage.