Spring 2020 Honors Course List Overview

Honors courses offer enhanced challenges and opportunities so students can develop intellectual autonomy and excellence. Students get the most out of their Ferris education by putting more of themselves in. Choose courses that help you learn independently, think critically, ask penetrating questions and communicate your ideas at a high level—choose courses that expand your experience and stir your curiosity.

Honors students generally complete 22 Honors credits; if they have transfer credit, they do 20% of their remaining coursework as Honors credits once they start. To fulfill the commitment to strive, students will normally take two Honors elective courses by the end of their second year after completing HNRS 100 and an Honors section of either COMM 121 or ENGL 250. Students who already have credit for COMM 121 or ENGL 250 may simply take a different Honors course. We know that each student’s goals, programs and circumstances vary, and so we have the following options:

  • Honors contracts are an alternative to Honors courses. With an Honors contract, students do an extra project in a non-Honors class for Honors credit. Contracts must be approved by faculty and submitted to our office by the end of the third week of the semester. The Honors contract form and information are on Honors Path under Contracted Courses. You are welcome to make an appointment with the Honors advisor to discuss this option.
  • Additionally, a credit-bearing study away experience can replace one three-credit Honors experience. Please let our office know if you plan to study away.
  • If your program requires you to do your Honors coursework at a later time, please work with the Honors advisor to plan a deferral. This is often the case for students in education or technology; it is simple to develop an individualized plan for completion.

The Honors Program is flexible enough to fit each major and any student’s educational goals. Honors should never add an unneeded course to your load, slow your progress toward graduation, or force you to drop a minor.

To find Honors classes in Look Up Classes on http://www.ferris.edu, do an advanced search: highlight all the subject matters and select Honors Course under Attribute Type. The following list also provides an overview:

Fundamentals of Public Speaking – Honors

12303COMM 121 0183TR09:30 -10:45 amKristi ScholtenJOH 102
12306COMM 121 0193TR03:00 -04:15 pmNeil PattenJOH 102
12352COMM 121 0203TR01:30 -02:45 pmKristi  ScholtenJOH 103
12310COMM 121 0223MWF10:00 -10:50 amPaul ZubeIRC 107

Culture General Education Courses

10958FREN 280 001 Literature Fren Wrld-Honors3M04:00 -05:50 pm TBADaniel NorenSTR 128 TBA
10966LITR 203 001 Honors Intro-African Lit3MW12:00 -12:50 pm TBARebecca SammelSTR 324 TBA
10967LITR 231 001 Honors Poetry3MW10:00 -10:50 am TBADeirdre FaganSTR 222 TBA

Self and Society General Education Course

11651ANTH 122 001 Intro Cult Anthropology-Honors3MW12:00 -12:50 pm TBATBASTR 236 TBA

Business Core Course (College of Business Majors)

10162ISYS 321 007 Business Inform System-Honors3MW03:00 -04:15 pmKathleen KalataBUS 210

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