Lunch and Learn: Insta-past

Honors Professor, Rachel Foulk, will be hosting a Lunch & Learn on Thursday, March 1st entitled, “Insta-past: Timeless Images in the Age of Social Media.” During her presentation, Professor Foulk will discuss the timelessness of images even with an ever changing society.

This illustrated lecture will explore ways in which many of the images we share (and consume) on social media are inspired by traditional images in the history of art. How did painters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh come to inspire the “selfie”? What does that photo of your gourmet dinner have to do with the genre of still life painting? And how do Romantic landscape painters of the nineteenth century still influence our views of the wilderness? Join Art Historian Rachel Foulk for a discussion on the connections between masterpieces of the past and the photographs we snap and share with our friends today.



To learn more about this topic and ask questions, please join us for the Lunch and Learn on Thursday, March 1st from 11:00am till 11:50am in Pickell’s Conference Room. As usual, pizza from Jets pizza will be provided for those who sign up ahead of time. Please make sure to sign up before noon on Wednesday, February 28th by emailing

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