RAVE Volunteer Opportunities

RAVE Logo. Courtesy of the Volunteer Center at Ferris State University. https://orgsync.com/18804/news_posts/214289

RAVE Logo. Courtesy of the Volunteer Center at Ferris State University. https://orgsync.com/18804/news_posts/214289

RAVE is in need of volunteers for their RAVE Children’s Volunteer Program. Below is some information on the positions that are available.

Kid’s Club Volunteers

Coming to the shelter is scary for an adult; just imagine what it is like for a kid! RAVE’s children’s program offers a weekly Kid’s Club where kids staying with us can get to know one another, learn some new things, and have a great time! The children’s counselor runs the program and will need help setting up for kids club, working with the kids on activities, and cleaning up.

Tutoring Tuesday Volunteers

Domestic violence is so hurtful, especially to children. Having to leave home and come to a new place is very scary and can cause kids to struggle in school. RAVE will need volunteers to come and provide tutoring for kids in the shelter.

Share the Care Volunteers

This volunteer will provide respite time for the hardworking and brave moms who stay with us. It can be hard to manage children in a ‘perfect’ family setting. Imagine how hard it is for mom’s to take care of their children in a communal living, new and scary environment that is not their own home. Behaviors of children who stay in their shelter can change sure to the unfamiliar and scary environment. This opportunity is flexible and could look different depending on the volunteer’s interest/skill. Activities could include arts and crafts, sports, story time, games, group exercise, baking, stress relief/management activities, etc. These volunteers would work Tuesday’s 3:00 to 5:00pm and 6:00 to 7:00pm and Wednesday’s 5:00 to 6:00pm

Drop In Play Time Volunteers 

This position is the same as Share to Care Volunteers; however, Drop In Volunteers have a more flexible schedule and is based on your availability to ‘drop in’ for a children’s activity.

Drop In Life Skills Volunteers

This person may provide the women some needed life skill information such as budgeting, nutrition, health, taxes, house-keeping, mindfulness, childbearing, yoga/fitness classes etc. This opportunity is flexible and can accommodate those individuals looking to drop in and spend quality time with the survivors. It is so refreshing for their residents to have someone to spend time with outside of other residents and staff members. This may look like taking a walk, having a picnic, prepping a meal together or simply playing cards or sipping coffee on their deck.

Domestic Assault Response Advocate (DARA)

This volunteer will provide crisis response to domestic and sexual assault victims immediately following an assault. A DARA volunteer would respond to a secure crime scene, hospital or local police department. The commitment level for this volunteer is long term.

Residential Service Advocate

Assist women and children in their residential facility by providing emotional support and advocacy, responding to needs. This individual would also answer the crisis line in the shelter.

Meal Assistance 

This individual will assist with meal planning and meal prep for the shelter. RAVE receives many food donations such as canned and boxed goods. Ideally, this individual would utilize the items RAVE currently has and assist women with meal planning around these items. This volunteer would create recipes and prepare meals with the women and are encouraged to eat their prepared meals with the women and children.

Transportation Advocate

This volunteer would provide transportation to clients who may not have their own form of transportation or be able to afford public transportation. This individual would provide transportation for clients to appointments, housing/apartment tours, job interviews, court hearing, etc. within Ionia and Montcalm counties. This commitment level can range from short to long term.

Internships and Field Experiences 

Internships and field experiences are available for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Depending on the interest and needs of the person and RAVE-I/M, Inc. would determine the placement and focus of their experience.

Donation Coordinator

This individual would care for our donation room and assist with putting together welcome and exit bags for their residents as well as set up and run their Professional Boutique created for residents preparing for interviews. The volunteer would also be responsible for organizing, picking up and dropping off donations, and tracking inventory.

Skilled Labor Volunteer 

RAVE is always in need of people who have a skilled trade. From roofing to remodeling bathrooms, whatever it is chances are they could use the help. This commitment is short term.

Home Preservation Inside/Outside 

This individual may have a passion for cleanliness, lawn care and upkeep, gardening, and house organization. This commitment ranges from short to long term.

All of these opportunities are long term commitments unless stated otherwise. Transitioning people in and out is hard for their children. For more information or to sign up, please contact Darlene Powell at darlenep@raveim.org