Call for Outstanding Professor Nominations

The ‘Outstanding Professor’ award is given annually to the professor who most inspires our students. Students nominate professors each semester, from which the Honors program staff chooses a deserving candidate.  A professor need not have taught an honors course to be eligible for the ‘Outstanding Professor’ award.

Nominations for the 2018 Outstanding Professor are now being taken by honors students. If you have a professor you would like recognized for this award please send an email stating the professor you are nominating and a paragraph about why they deserve this award.

Previous winners include:

Year Name Department
2017 Tony Baker Sociology
2016 Jennifer Johnson Geography
2015 Anne Spain Biology
2014 Neil Patten Communication
  Paul Klatt Biology
2013 Charles Vannette Foreign Languages (German
  Bradley Isler Biology
2012 Stephen Lee Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Diane Maguire Business/Professional Golf Management
  Annette Keyt Business/Professional Golf Management
2011 David Schrock Communication
  David Aiken Philosophy
2009 John Cullen Literature
  Scott James Biology
2008 Gary Miller Biology
  John Kane Business/Law
2007 Amy Dorey Business
  Phil Middleton Literature
2006 Robert Barnum Fine Arts
2005 Colleen Partiagianoni Chemistry
2004 Bruce Beetley Biology
  Gary Horn Communication
2003 David Pilgrim Sociology
  Kent Sun Mathematics