Mindful Eating: A Path to Health and Well-Being

Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. will be hosting a “Mindful Eating: A Path to Health and Well-Being” workshop on March 16th and 17th at Watermark Country Club. FCTL is willing to cover the registration costs for up to 10 people (faculty, staff, and students) and the event includes free vegetarian lunch. Below is more information about the workshop and Lynn Rossy.

We eat for many reasons besides physical hunger. We eat when we are sad, lonely, angry, stressed, or bored. We eat at the computer and watching TV. We eat to entertain ourselves, because it’s time, and just because the food is there. Our world is filled with distraction, so we eat mindlessly and engage in behavior that leads to a less than ideal relationship to our bodies. And, in a culture that idolizes the perfect body, self-criticism and self-judgement prevail. Challenges with how to eat and how to treat our bodies often result in emotional distress, obesity, and other eating-related health problems. Diets that focus on weight loss have not been shown to be effective in the long term and may even contribute to weight gain and greater despair. Taking a more holistic approach, mindful eating can help people end overeating and making friends with their bodies, use awareness to manage their emotions, and guide their behavior.

In day one of the workshop, learn about mindfulness and how it relates to mindful eating. Understand the evidence from current research in the field of mindful eating, including the research conducted by the presenter on her program entitled, Eat for Life. Learn simple but powerful practices to change how you eat and view your body forever.

In day two, both professionals and the general public can benefit from understanding the barriers and challenges in learning and practicing mindful eating. Drawing from her experience of teaching mindful eating for a decade, Dr. Rossy will describe real-life problems that people encounter in practicing mindful eating and discuss the methods for overcoming them. There will be a combination of presentation, mindful eating, and guided meditations.

Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. is a health psychologist, author, and researcher specializing in mindfulness-based interventions for eating, stress, and workplace wellness. She combined her decades long personal practice of mindfulness with her love of eating and scientific investigation to produce the program called Eat for Life. This program is scientifically proven to help people to be more mindful, love their bodies, and end overeating. She published the book, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution (2016), to bring these concepts to the public. Her book was named in the Top Ten Mindfulness Books of 2016 by mindful.org. She is the Vice President of The Center for Mindful Eating – an international non-profit organization training professionals in the field of mindful eating. She is always on the move, giving workshops and presentations on the topic of mindfulness and mindful eating to everyone from small businesses to international scientific conferences.

To sign up or get more information, please contact FCTL at fctl@ferris.edu or call 231-591-3826.