Encountering Challenges

Now that midterm grades are out, you may be concerned about how well you’re doing in one or more of your classes. Don’t worry! It’s normal and beneficial for Honors students to feel challenged. Research shows that encountering challenges makes you smarter: you stretch yourself and find new ways to learn.

One great approach is to work with a tutor at Ferris’s Academic Support Center. Here is the walk-in schedule for tutoring for the spring semester. I want to highlight the availability of tutoring for chemistry classes at or below the level of CHEM 322. The walk-in schedule also includes tutoring for several biology classes, including BIOL 121. In addition, three BIOL 122 tutors are available for appointments. The Academic Support Center is located in ASC 1017. To make an appointment, you can stop by, call 231-591-3543, or use the online TutorTrac system here.

Do you have ideas on how the Honors Program could support Honors students in your major? If so, please share them with me! I have office hours in Henderson on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5 and am available in Pickell at most other times of the week. You can also reach me at CathyBordeau@ferris.edu and 231-591-2811.