Stress Management Series: Negative Thinking

Rita Damari will be hosting the 4th installment of her Stress Management Series on Tuesday, March 27th at 5:00pm. During her presentations, Mrs. Damari will discuss the importance of stress management and provides tips on how reduce stress through being aware of negative thinking. Below is a short description of what her workshop will cover.

Do your thoughts affect your stress level? Come learn how to identify and avoid negative thinking; how to explore other toxic habits that may be creating stress in our lives; and how a shift in our mindset can drastically alter our behavior and reduce stress.

To learn more and ask questions, please join us for this session on Thursday, March 27th at 5:00pm in the Honors Program Office Conference Room. You can attend this workshop even if you have not attended the first three. Pizza or some sort of snack will be provided for all those who attend so please make sure to sign up before 5:00pm on the Monday, March 26th by emailing


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