Dominican Republic Study Abroad Story: Paige Kramer

Recent Honors graduate, Paige Kramer, utilized the Honors Funded Travel Scholarship to attend the Village Mountain Mission Project in the Dominican Republic. Below is a reflection of Paige’s experience as well as some of her favorite photos from the trip. Thank you for sharing, Paige!

“I spent a week with the Ferris State University Pre-Med/Pre-PA Club in the Dominican Republic working with the Village Mountain Mission Project to provide medical care to under served areas. During the week our group hosted 2 clinics in the villages of Martin Alonzo and La Sabana where we saw almost 200 patients. We performed house visits where we were able to see patients in the comforts of their own homes. I was able to utilize my Spanish knowledge to act as a translator for our physicians and facilitate communication for our Dominican patients. This was an amazing experience as I learned more about the language and medical culture in the area. Our group also had the opportunity to visit el Hospital Municipal de Imbert, where we toured the facility and I was able to observe a cesarean section. As an aspiring obstetrician/gynecologist, this was an incredibly rewarding and encouraging experience that solidified my interest in the specialty. Aside from our medical experiences, we were able to take mopeds to visit the Christopher Columbus museum in La Isabela, the first city in the New World, as well as the first catholic church of the new world, las Americas Temple. We also took a trip la Playa Grande as well as to los Saltos de la Damajagua, where we were able to jump and slide down 7 waterfalls. I was nervous to leave the United States for the first time but my experience in the Dominican was humbling and educational beyond expectations.”