Italy Study Abroad Story: Angela Nguyen

Honors student, Angela Nguyen, utilized the Honors Funded Travel Scholarship to study abroad in Italy this summer. Below is a reflection of Angela’s experience as well as some of her favorite photos from the trip. Thank you for sharing!

“Compassionate. Revelatory. Resplendent. These words come forth when I reminisce on these last two weeks. Dr. Jon and Lilia Caserta, along with Dr. Chris Westercamp, taught me more than just mere Italian culture or biological fermentation within the Mediterranean diet; they taught me how to be an accommodating yet tenacious parent, how to be agile with unexpected events abroad, and how to look beyond the culture and into ourselves in order to further discover who we are as people and as a society. Yes, standing witness to some of the oldest Roman architecture: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, etc., was enlightening in of its own; however, it was truly the self reflection I did while observing Italian culture that broadened my views on the dualities of humanity. At the heart of Italian culture, family is fundamental. Now, that sounds elementary and redundant of sorts when thinking of the Italian stereotype; however, it is when one first handedly experiences that warmth, and then subconsciously compares it to the American profit based mentality that we will come to the realization of our rather inhospitable culture. I’m proud to be an Asian American. I’m proud of where I came from; nevertheless, this pride will only be sustained if I take action to fix the jarring splits that I see within my community. Throughout the rest of my career working with patients and the public, I hope to use this revelation to not only implement this warmth and compassion into the lives of my patients within the hospital pharmacy but to also uphold them to reach my goal of foraging a more compassionate society.”