Martinique Study Abroad Story: Cassandra Kolka

Recent Honors graduate, Cassandra Kolka, utilized the Honors Funded Travel Scholarship to visit Martinique and Guadeloupe, French islands in the Caribbean. Below is a reflection of Cassandra’s experience as well as some of her favorite photos from the trip. Thank you for sharing!

“Being my first time ever flying or even leaving the country, the trip right from the start was an opportunity for personal growth and stepping out of my comfort zone. Just through travel, I learned a great deal about how many people in our world get where they need to go.

Throughout the two weeks I was away, I learned a great deal of the French language which was incredible since upon leaving the states I knew none. Our visits to multiple museums such as the Slavery Museum, Banana Museum, Rum Museum, Josephine’s Plantation, and more also shed light on the islands’ past, culture, and their major exports to support the economy aside from tourism.

Outside of museums, our group experienced a great deal of the outdoors from cascading waterfalls to volcanic sand beaches. Our adventures lead us to every side of each island and also to some wonderful places to eat. I learned more about their culture through the popular foods offered such as a goat, cod, fritters, christophine, shredded cucumber, guava juice, and tons of different breads. Overall, this trip was an incredible opportunity.”