Italy Study Abroad Story: Arianna Lozano

Honors student, Arianna Lozano, utilized the Honors Funded Travel Scholarship to study abroad in Italy this summer. Below is a reflection of Arianna’s experience as well as some of her favorite photos from the trip. Thank you for sharing!

“The past two weeks I have gained friendships, knowledge, a passion for art, and love for a little country shaped like a boot – Italy! Going to Italy and taking the two classes, LANG 100 and LITR 243, really gave me the experience that I wish every honors student can have! It truly was a blast and I would never forget it! This study abroad opportunity permitted me to acquire knowledge on not only the beautiful language that Italians speak or the film study that I learned about dozens of wonderful films that took place in Italy, but on Italy itself. I learned so much about the culture and the history behind Italy, and it made me so proud to have come and seen the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Saint Peter’s Square, the Vatican Museum, the Learning Tower of Pisa, etc. I truly enjoyed the art that the Vatican Museum and the Uffizi Gallery had taught me and the rest of the students on the trip!

The reason I chose the culture-rich country of Italy was because of the great opportunity to expand my cultural awareness of places around the world. In the future, I will have patients from all over the world and will be able to better understand and relate to those whose culture I have been exposed to. During the trip I gained a stronger exposure to a wider variety of illnesses, as I did see some pharmacies in Italy, and I also saw some people in the streets that were sick and knowing that there are over a dozen of pharmacies in one city that they are near by made me really happy thinking that they can easily get help for their sickness!

Since taking this trip would help me in the future, I thought that I would likely see illnesses or unusual clinical presentations of conditions that I would not see at my local hospital. I was unable to learn about the different healthy systems as I was anxious to learn a considerable amount of information about patients’ experiences under difference legal healthcare structures. Studying abroad in Italy had broadened my horizons in a way that will provide a unique cultural understanding that will affect my training.

I am positive that this experience had made an impact in my awareness of cultural and socioeconomic factors and clinical language skills. I see myself becoming a travel Physician Assistant (PA) in the future so this was a positive experience for me and my career. Although attending college is an experience within itself, studying abroad to a foreign country and learning about their culture is an unforgettable experience.”