Italy Study Abroad Story: Ayanna Williams

Honors student, Ayanna Williams, utilized the Honors Funded Travel Scholarship to study abroad in Italy this summer. Below is a reflection of Ayanna’s experience as well as some of her favorite photos from the trip. Thank you for sharing!

“The two weeks that I spent in Italy were life changing. It was great to experience what Italian culture was like and compare life in Italy to life in America. The sights were unlike any that I have ever seen before. We traveled to Rome, Capri, Florence, Venice and Pisa. I learned the history behind every city and visited a couple of museums where I got to see many famous paintings. The people in Italy were so welcoming and it was very cool to learn a few words of a different language every day. While I learned many new things in a very short two weeks and also made many great friends that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to not only travel to Italy but study there as well, it really was a once in a lifetime trip!”