Welcome! IMPORTANT DATES and UPDATES: Class meetings for start of Fall 2018

Welcome, everyone, whether you are just starting your Honors journey, or are getting prepared to complete it!

This time of year is always exciting and a little scary, as the anticipation of new ideas and new experiences mixes with the uncertainty of the unknown. As I expressed to our new students at convocation: we are here to help.

Ferris is full of people who are genuinely passionate about helping you succeed.  Seek them out—stop by the Center for Academic Literacies in FLITE and introduce yourself to the Director of Tutoring and Structured Learning Assistance, Karen Royster James. You’ll be happy you did.  And visit with David Marquard, Director of the Writing Center.  Not only are they there to help you, they may well hire you!

Caring staff at Educational Counseling and Disability Services will help you find career paths that you may not have considered before now but can open up exciting new opportunities to explore along your college path.

The Office of International Education, located in IRC is there to help you plan study abroad or get involved with the international community on campus.

It is our tradition in Honors to start each first week of the semester with a series of open meetings for all students, organized by year in the program.  In these meetings, we cover the commitments for the coming year, and answer any questions you may have. For 2nd and 4th year students, there are two dates but you only need to attend ONE of them. For our new students, HNRS100 is structured to introduce you to the many opportunities Honors provides.

All of these activities, HNRS100 classes included, will occur as scheduled in the case mediation between the faculty and administration fails to provide a solution before Monday.

All class meetings are 11:00-11:50 and are held in the NEW Honors Lounge, which is downstairs in Pickell. The entrance to the Honors Lounge is to the left when you are facing the front of Pickell. The door, with a sign on it, is locked, but ALL Honors students can swipe to unlock, even if you live off campus. You can also enter using the stairs next to the Honors office exterior entrance.

Below is the schedule:

  • New Transfer students (Starting Fall 2018): Thursday, Aug 30th, Honors Lounge 11:00-11:50
  • 4th Years/Students Completing a Symposium in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019: Tuesday, September 4 OR Thursday, September 6 at 11:00am in Honors Lounge
  •  2nd Year Students (Started Fall 2017 / Spring 2018): Tuesday, Sept 11th at 11:00am OR Sept 13th in Honors Lounge
  • 3rd Year Students (Started Fall 2016 / Spring 2017): Thursday, September 20th at 11:00am in Honors Lounge

If you are planning on completing your undergraduate degree in your first year at either MCO or the COP (i.e. earning a Bachelors of Vision Science or Pharmacy), you are strongly encouraged to complete the Honors program prior to entering graduate or professional school. In these cases, please attend the meeting for ‘4th Years’ on September 4th or 6th rather than the meeting for 3rd years on September 20th.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Peter Bradley

Director, Honors Program at Ferris State

Pickell Hall, room 142

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Honors Office at honors@ferris.edu or 231-591-2216.