Honors Funded Travel

Did you know that the Honors Program has funds available to support travel to conferences, retreats, study away trips and national/foreign exchange programs?

Ancient City of Echoes, Guatemala

Ancient City of Echoes, Guatemala

For study away trips, we typically award $300 to $600. For conferences or alternative spring break trips that are in the U.S., we typically award between $100 and $200.

Award money is deposited into your student account after the trip is completed and you have shared your reflections and trip photos with the Honors Program.  If you owe any balance on tuition, housing, parking fees, etc., the awarded scholarship money will be used to pay your account balance first.  Any remaining money will be issued to you at the time of FSU disbursement.  Receiving an Honors scholarship for travel could affect any financial aid or work study.  Please make sure you check on this before the money is put into your account.

There are no guarantees that scholarships will be available, for we are dependent on an ever-changing budget. Scholarships awarded are to be used for the designated purpose only and must be returned in the event of a cancellation of the trip either by the University or by the student.

Please be advised that we cannot issue any money to you directly.  Any award money will be deposited into your student account.

You will find our Honors Funded Travel application on http://www.ferris.edu/honors/ under Academics and Opportunities or you can click here.

Students must be in good standing in Honors as well as Ferris in order to apply for this scholarship and must continue to be in good standings and not be on Honors probation before the funds are deposited into your student account.


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