Honors Path Update

Good morning – I know that the start of this semester has been a little bumpy. We’re getting a number of IT issues sorted out on the fly, and sometimes you find problems that no one anticipated.

  • The Student Opportunity Center is now online for all Honors students, although you’ll find your last name and first name are switched in your profile.
  • The Key swipes in Pickell are now functional — access to the lounge is available to ALL honors students, including off-campus students, via the ‘front’ of the building (the side facing South Street). The door you want is on the left when facing the building.  It’s indicated in the photo below. We’ll be adding signage soon.


  • Honors Path is almost ready

We have isolated the problem, but it isn’t quite fixed. To make the single-sign on work, Ferris ‘pushes’ data out to Honors Path once a week. That data is encrypted and secure. At the start of fall, something went wrong with the new students, which caused Honors Path to duplicate or overwrite their records.  And as a result, the ‘profile’ page where you can manage your options was causing a Server misconfigured “500” error.

The Honors Path folks have fixed it to the point where students shouldn’t get any errors upon log in BUT we have not yet resolved the problem with the encrypted exports.  We hope it will be fixed by the end of the week.

Thank you all for your patience.

Peter Bradley | Director of the Honors Program
Ferris State University
202 South Street, Pickell 142 | Big Rapids, MI 49307
peterbradley@ferris.edu | www.ferris.edu/honors/
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