Announcing: Honors MakerFaire contest!

Starting today, October 1st, we’re opening the first annual Honors MakerFaire contest! To get you inspired, check out these links:

Here are the rules:

  1. Design something in Tinkercad, Scluptis, or blender. (or any other software you use).
  2. Go to the Ferris Maker Space and 3D print it — it’s in the plastics building. (Torch story from 2016)
  3.  Bring the object to Honors office, and we’ll get you a QR code for voting.
  4. Vote! Vote early and often

If you’ve been in the lounge, you’ve probably seen the big wall with the Honors logos and little ‘cubbyhole’ cutouts. That’s the leaderboard. Each item will have 2 QR codes: one for upvote, one for downvote.  Scan the QR code and your vote will be recorded.

We re-order the leaderboard every monday morning.

The object in #1 cubbyhole at the end of the semester gets a very special Honors award!