Fall 2019 Honors Course: HNRS190: Why Honors?

Dr. Bradley in his office at McDaniel

Dr. Bradley in his office at McDaniel. Photo by Steven Hardy, used with permission by the photographer

Ever since Socrates’ dictum, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” those of us in higher education have assumed that education is an intrinsic good. Being educated is generally held to be, if not a moral imperative, morally preferable to being uneducated. But why?


Is education an intrinsic good, or is it to be valued only in the context of some other good, such as the need for an informed electorate? Is an educated person a more moral or virtuous person than an uneducated person? Are the liberally educated somehow better people than the technically educated? Are those who grapple with the ‘enduring questions’ better equipped to adapt to the complexities of modern life than those with a technical, vocational education?

In this class, taught by Honors Director Dr. Bradley, you’ll address these questions through direct experience with some of the ‘great works’ of the western intellectual tradition. By the end of the semester, it is our hope that you better understand the academic environment, its reason for being, and the rights and responsibilities of a scholar.

General Education Attribute: Culture

HNRS 190.001 Why Honors? T R 9:30 – 10:45 3 credits CRN: 81774

HNRS 190.002 Why Honors? T R 3 – 4:15 3 credits CRN: 81775